The size of one’s penis is totally beyond their control and just like other parts of the body, regardless of how big or small it may be, doesn’t reflect the person you are on the inside.

However, a good majority of men both, young and young at heart, become self-conscience about the size of their penis. Sometimes to the point that they get totally stressed out over not being able to find any reliable information. There are a limited supply of legitimate places to do research however Penile Plus has a wealth of information but not too much that cause the reader to become overwhelmed. Therefore, making it a safe assumption to say that doubt about one’s penis is totally erroneous. Having the ultimate sexual experience of your life is possible regardless of the size of your penis. Below is a list of the top 10 questions they have about their penis size along with the 10 upfront and honest answers to them.

Human Penis Sizes

Human Penis Sizes

How Big Is the Average Man’s Penis? Because everyone is built differently, it’s difficult to get an accurate estimation. Due to a huge variation in the length and thickness of each individuals penis, it has been next to impossible to get the proper information needed for global statistics to come up with an average penis size.

Is the Size of a Person’s Penis More Important for Men or Women? Is it true that those with larger members have better love lives? Do others really care about the size of your penis? A study performed by several researchers has brought into light just how important others feel about how big someone’s penis is and now here are the results.

Are Penis Pumps Effective Devices to Use? They are a popular item which is available today that most individuals utilize in their daily lives for enlarging the penis. And more than likely, you’ve received numerous email notifications about how great these products actually work. Does this sound too good to be true? Is there something available on the market to enlarge a person’s penis?

Is My Penis Too Small to Enjoy Sexual Activity? It’s not uncommon for men to feel insecure about the size of their penises, which was probably programmed into them at a very young age. Even though I’m a bit skeptical about the entire subject, here’s the most common reason why men are ashamed about the size of their penis.

Can I Rely on the Studies Performed About Penis Size? As I mentioned before, due to the difficulty of measuring the penis, there’s not enough accurate information to provide for statistical analysis. It might seem like a cut and dry process, but in actuality it’s much harder than it appears. Furthermore, there is a lot of misinformed research floating around in today’s world regarding penis size.

How Does My Penis Compare to Others? The average guy tends to compare himself to other men, and if you’re coming to this conclusion by watching those pornographic films, it’s probably not wise to view yourself in comparison to the guys on your computer monitor or television screen. Here is the truth about measuring up, and trying to compare the size of your penis to other men.

Am I Genitally Compatible With Another Person? Is it actually possible to locate your “Sexual Soul mate”? Does the size of your penis really matter and will it help you to find the perfect partner? (Note from Editor: According to Native American spiritual traditions surrounding sexuality, the answer to this question is “Yes!” Commonly known as Qadoshka, which I believe discusses the six various kinds of vulva’s and talks about which one’s are the most compatible with different sized penises. Such as, those that are perfectly straight, slightly curved, etc.)

What’s the Definition of a Micro-penis? Find out more about the clinical qualifications of an extra small penis. A large majority of men feel that they are well endowed and think this can’t possibly apply to them.

What Does It mean to Have Small Penis Syndrome? There is a new diagnosis that’s been proposed for men who’re insecure about the size of their penis even after receiving the news that it’s not smaller than the rest.

Why the Obsession About How Big One’s Penis Is? Many people say that the size of a person’s penis is not on their list of top priorities, feeling that it’s more important to find out what they’re like on the inside. Regardless of how big or small someone’s penis is irrelevant and shouldn’t be a huge deal anyway.