Menstuff® listing of experts in major men’s issues who have agreed to be advisors to The National Men’s Resource Center, sponsor of this webpage.

Board of Directors:






Cultural Workers:

  • Peter Alsop, Recording Artist, Family Recovery, Topanga Canyon, CA – 310.455.2318
  • Geof Morgan, Recording Artist, Men’s Cultural Work, Bellvue, WA – 206.647.0766. (11/98-busy-can’t connect)

Divorce & Custody:

  • James Cook, Director, Joint Custody Association, Los Angeles, CA – 310.475.5352

Ecology & the Environment:

  • Alan & Anne Niven, former publishers, The Green Man, Pt Arena, CA – 707.882.2052


  • Roland Gilbert, Author, The Ghetto Solution, director, Simba, Oakland, CA – 510.839.4303
  • Tim Hartnett,
  • Bruce Linton, Director, the Father’s Forum, Berkeley, CA – 510.644.0300


  • National Organization for Men Against Sexism Press contact – Michael Kimmel at 718.768.5919 (12/98)

Groups – Facilitated:

Groups – Peer Facilitated:


  • Alan Acacia, safe sex & condom use, Meyers Inc, Oakland, CA – 510.845.5683
  • Edward E. Bartlett, PhD, Senior Policy Advisor, Men’s Health America. As policy advisor for an organization dedicated to reducing the 7-year life span gender gap, I hope one day to see the disparity in healthcare services and health status eliminated..
  • Anthony Lanzillo, Director, Thorman Institute, psychosocial issues of men with health problems, 609.869.0672 or
  • Dan Mullins, Aging, Agism, Health, Homophobia, Cortland, NY – 607.756.5540
  • Tracie Snitker, Manager, Goverment Affairs, Men’s Health Network, PO Box 75972, Washington, DC 20013. or
  • Bill Welch, Manager, Accessible Transit, SAM TRANS, San Mateo, CA – 415.508.6475


  • Jerry Gibbons, American Association of Advertising Agencies – 415.291.4999


  • Ken Byers, International Men’s Gathering, Budapest, Hungary – 415.487.0217
  • Reynaldo Imperial, CEMSHAD 2/F ATC Building, Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila, Phillippines 1000,

Men’s Groups:

Men’s Studies:

  • Ed Barton – Curator, Changing Men Collection, Michigan State University, E Lansing, MI – 616.685.5028
  • James Doyle, Publisher, Journal of Men’s Studies, Box 32, Harriman, TN 37748
  • Sam Femiano, Amercian Men’s Studies Association Chairman, National Organization for Men Against Sexism, 22 East St, North Hampton, MA 01060 413.584.8903

Multicultural Affairs:

  • Lee Mun Wah – Asian American Affairs, Berkeley, CA – 510.419.3930
  • Joe Saah – Arab American Affairs, Men’s Center, Berkeley, CA – 510.644.8262
  • George Simons, Author & International Consultant on Women & Men and Multicultural issues in the Corporation, and creator of the Diversophy Game, at and Santa Cruz, CA – 408.457.8590

Prisoner Affairs:

  • Arthur Hamilton/William Banks – Authors, Fathers Behind Bars

Recovery Community:

Re-evaluation Counseling:

  • Charlie Kreiner, Classism, Sexism, Racism – Camden, ME – 860.345.8748


  • Deborah Anapol , author of Polyamory The New Love Without Limits. Does workshops on polyamory (loving more than one), erotic spirituality (tantra), and new paradigm relating. Also individual consultation in person or by phone on these issues. She also publishes and distributes books and videos on these topics. or
  • Collin Brown, Body Electric School, 6627A Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609. 510.653.1594 or
  • Stan Dale, Director, Human Awareness Institute, San Mateo, CA – 650.571.5524
  • Rick Koepcke, sexual abuse & dyscfunction, sex addiction, 805.373.8885
  • Mert Preston, AIDS Project, Homophobia, Santa Rosa, CA – 707.579.5308
  • Howard Wallman, W Los Angeles, CA – 818.784.3335


  • Robert Barzan, Publisher, The White Crane, gay men’s spirituality, PO Box 17052, San Francisco, CA 94117




  • Jerry Medol, Alternatives for Anger, Kansas City, MO,
  • Marilyn Milos, Circumcision – 415.488.9883
  • Barry Shapiro, Sexual Harrassment, Oakland, CA 510.339.9861

Women & Men:

Work & Play:

  • George Simons, Author & International Consultant on Women & Men and Multicultural issues in the Corporation, and creator of the Diversophy Game, at and Santa Cruz, CA – 408.457.8590