The task of fathering today has had to go through changes to accommodate the modifications to successful parenting. The trends are calling for the father’s to get more engaged with the life of their kid’s right from birth. Kids are more of a show and tell; presentation applies to mostly the young kids they always do what we do, you have seen on the video when a father or mother is doing yoga the kids are observing and following what the parents are doing. More possible is baby’s relation to cartoon programs they will imagine, think and try to do what the cartoons are doing. Children are teachable; this is why we must let our kids grow feeling the father’s presence in the house. For adults, they understand the tell function. However, you will get objection if you are trying to correct your adult and you did not grow the bond during their childhood stages. Cultivating a love bond with your kids calls for; making them your priority, spending time with your family, respecting their mother and more hugs and kisses will automatically let the kid know that you love and care about them. Fathering is a lifetime responsibility and project, with a description acronym of B.U.S. It is the legacy that you live behind. The BUS acronym is a description of three ways a father can express love.


Being there; it is the emotional presence

It starts with willingness, then the manifestation of our ability to help and making an emotional capacity to make our children feel safe through our characters. The desire to take action through involvement in the daily routine of our children, you will realize the value of; being there, willing to be there, being able to help in any way and emotional presence during the occurrence of problems or opportunities.Follow this example; your 5 year old kid does not want to go to school because of bullying from other kids. A father’s expression of emotional presence is when he accepts that the actions are wrong and that as a father you are going to make sure the end of bullying and report the stray kids. Your kid becomes proud of you.

Unconditional love

It is an intense love that goes beyond the judgment for performance or a personality of the kid. Example a kid that is trans-gender, unconditional love means that you are willing to support and protect your child’s nature and behavior and consequences of life no matter what. Unconditional love is hard to achieve especially those that contradict your own beliefs and values. It is a recommendation, if in a situation where your kid has a disorder such as a transgender or any ‘unacceptable behavior,’ it is important to get advice from a counseling profession; this will help you to nature absolute love for your kid. Total love will help to nature children’s behavior, academic and sporting performance, looks, beliefs and values.


Every kid is unique; it is our roles as fathers to make them feel just that. We need to tell them how special they are. There are creative ways of making a kid feel special; set a particular time and let the kid know that both of you are going to have specific time together, let the kid know that you will do what they want you to do, show the affection, maintain contact and ask the caring question.

What’s the standard feature in these steps? They are all do not involve money instead, the attention. Start by always telling your kids you love them.