Living a quality life and having peace goes hand in hand in achieving good health and fitness. Health and fitness is complete life. Whether rich or poor or loved or alone, health is personal responsibility. Everybody would like to exceed the life expectancy by all means. However, men have an ignorant attitude towards health care issues. Most of them consider going to the hospital a routine for women and kids, but for them, it is all about being “tough” Most of you will agree with me that most men visit the when the condition is worse or rather when they are completely unconscious.

Life Expectancy

Men attention to health has brought unhealthy lifestyle, a wide range of measures that confirms to above allegations; men tend to drink and smoke cigarettes more, have a habit to avoid medical check-ups, are more likely to be overweight and use illegal drugs. Why take care of your health as a man? The life expectancy of men is roughly 74 years while that of women 79, men are involved in accidents more than women and are more likely to be affected with heart-related problems, sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or AIDS, prostate and colon cancer. All the mentioned are a high risk to men because of a “reckless lifestyle of making money and have fun,” why not make money and take care of your health.

Do not conclude that this article only wants to condemn your behavior, no! The article is a deep insight into the man’s lifestyle and how you can help to keep your health your first concerns. Look at it this way; if your health is weak, you will not be productive. Means that you can help improve your health and fitness as a man;

Step one; visit your doctor regularly

By visiting the doctor, your blood pressure and the cholesterol level checking and monitoring in your system are adequate. Other screens such as prostate cancer for those over 50 years is vital, according to research done in 2001, women are more likely to get regular check-ups than men. As much as you have a responsibility to your family, you have a responsibility to your health.

Step two; have regular exercise

Involve your heart into pumping activities such as football or any games with your friends, teach yourself to walk; you can pack your car some distance from your office and take a walk, avoid escalators and lifts, take the stairs and involve in cycling. All this do not require a gym they are DIY.


Step three; eat right

You all are aware of the food pyramid, make fruits and veggies base of each meal, followed by grains, lean protein like fish, two servings of dairy and moderate fat and sweet intakes. Remember your physical look is the picture of the inner you. You can improve your health by using food supplements.

Step four; get enough rest

Most men cycle includes; waking up early, going to work, after work goes to a bar joint for alcohol and then go home. Most men get home so late, when do you have time for proper rest? Discovery has shown that poor sleeping habits have a link to obesity, heart disease and mental health disorders. If you have a sleeping disorder, make an appointment with your doctor for sleep disorder screen.

Your health is your responsibility. Make an appointment with your doctor; it is the road to better health.