For most parents with young kids, trying to get them to listen to simple instructions can be one challenging and difficult task. For instance, getting my young son to take his lunch pail of the backpack and sit down to eat can be extremely difficult. Among the reasons for this issue is as a result of his short attention span. For example, if I don’t say anything after calling his name and issuing instructions, he will ignore the fact that we’re talking. How can I get him to listen?

The Child That Won’t Listen

He is now 7 years old, loves sports and reading. I can say he’s the brightest kid I have ever met. However, remember that every person says that about his or her child. The challenge is when it comes to listening to instructions such as taking off his shoes or washing his hands to take dinner. It will take his several minutes, just as when I request him to turn off the game. I didn’t expect this when I became a father.

My Expectations as a Father

As a parent, I expected that my kid would listen to every word that I said. Another thing that I thought is that my presence in the room will change his behavior. What I realized is that I was wrong since he’s got lots of energy which I try to contain each time.

Father and Child

How to Ensure Your Kid Listens To You

In my journey trying to become a better father, I have realized a few things about kids and listen, and I will share with you below.

Mirror and Matching

Just as with me, my son is high energy, meaning I’ve learned to mirror and then match his energy.

When arriving home from school, my son feels excited to see me and proceeds to tell all about his day like nothing else matters. I can choose to kill his moods, make my instructions clear and watch him fulfil them. On the other hand, I can decide to mirror and then match his energy. To match his energy, I display the same excitement he has and proceed to wrestle him and telling him how much I missed him. Then I ask about his day. As I wrestle him, I take his lunch pail and place it in the kitchen. I prefer a juicy story, and I don’t want you to miss the details.

Eye Level While Staring Down

When I want to issue critical instructions, which require attention, I change my tactics. To get a child to listen to you is to drop to their level, look them straight in the eyes and tell them what you want them to do.

For example, my son was required to read two books and do an Accelerated Reading Test at his school the following day. However, instead of him reading the books, he decided to run along the hallway at full speed pretending he was dunking the basketball on our octagon windowsill that we have on the top of the flight of stairs. To prevent him from injuring himself, I called loudly, got down on one knee and told him the following words in a stern voice.

“Why are you running down the hallway as if you don’t have sense? You should realize it’s time to read your books. if you fail to, you will be dealt with serious consequences. Make your decision now, will you read your books are do you want trouble?

Cartoon Voice

Kids love having fun. Among the most common questions I receive from my son in the morning is, what kind of fun are we having today? The answer should be a simple trick, which will ensure young kids listen.

On one particular morning, my son was watching Sportscenter, which was one proud day of my life. I wanted him to brush his teeth and get ready for school. Among my options was to intimidate him by screaming at him. Another option was to try something successful from my past. For me to get him do what I wanted, I screamed using a Mickey Mouse voice, meaning it wasn’t a tough scream. My son got up laughing and brushed his teeth.

Getting Children to Listen

For you to get your kid to listen, you should take your time and experiment what works for you. The above tricks may not work all the time, but as parents, we have the responsibility or preparing for kids for their future, meaning we can’t give up because they don’t want to listen.

Make sure you find a way for your child to listen to you. If I have to say something a million times, I will say it until he gets the point. If your kid is not listening, make sure you try speaking their language for them to listen to you.