Maintaining a relationship is not an easy thing to do as many may expect. Entering into a relationship means that you now need to manage not only your well-being but also that of your partner. Coming in a relationship will mean sharing yourself with another person, and therefore your wellbeing is essential for the connection to be a successful one. When faced with challenges in the relationship, the motivation to carry on may be lost leading to end of the partnership. There are, however, factors that should be put into consideration to ensure the motivation is the same as it was when starting the relationship

Create Memories

Creating memories can be done by taking fun activities together; this could include traveling to new places together and taking hobbies that will impact positive memories. The memories made will be used as a remembrance of the good times when the relationship is faced with a rough patch which is typical for connections. With the memories, it is easy to keep holding on to the relationship as these give you purpose of the link.

Be Sensitive

Do not be rough and abrasive to your partner. Although different people have different expectations for their partners, try always to be attentive to your partner’s needs. Having a sensitive side to your partner is not weakness; it, in fact, shows respect and care for your partner. Try to be sympathetic to issues that require your sensitivity. This shows your partner that you care for them. Caring is one instrumental element in strengthening love.

Forgive, forget

It may seem more comfortable to remember what was done wrong by your partner that it is to forget it. Consciously ignore the wrong things and focus on moving forward rather than looking at the past. Keep a positive mind and do not dwell on the wrongs done to you in the past.


Go Out On Dates

It does not matter how busy your week is, create time and go out and have fun. Add a date to your planner on your to-do list. On a hectic week try to find the time and go out on a lunch date, or go to your favorite restaurant for a dinner date for a romantic evening. Let loose and have fun with your partner.

Have Fun!

When you find the person you want to share your life and time with, your life becomes joyous ad you are happy whenever you are with your partner do not let this come to an end as the relationship progresses. Have fun with your partner when you can, play games, laugh, and smile as much as you can.

Spend Time Apart

This tip may seem unorthodox, but it is imperative for the success of the relationship. Both of you are individuals with different friends, different views in life and also different perspectives. These differences mean you enjoy different things. To maintain individuality in the relationship, it is necessary to spend some time apart. It is also essential to respect your partner’s decision to spend time alone.


A lot of memories are created in relationships, go back in time and think of the best memories you made with your partner. This is a time of nostalgia that that should bring relaxation and memories of the good times spent together. Thought of the good, memories will put you in a good mood and even help you recall feelings for your partner. Be sure to share these memories with your partner.


Hold no secret for your partner. Allowing your partner to view your transparency will earn you respect. Although most relationships lack honesty between the partners, try to strive to achieve it in yours. Being in a relationship with honesty will help you to trust more. Respect more and inevitably love even more. Disrespect will always unfold, and it is not worth jeopardizing your relationship for a truth that would have been told. This list is not inclusive as some partners have other specific requirements to keep their relationships going. Each relationship should work hard to ensure that their relationship has the required skills to maintain the individuality of both parties without having to make big compromises about it.